Yorkshire Association


Currently there is a Yorkshire Bell needing a new church or it may leave the County. The details of the bell are : are 20 inch in diameter and the weight unknown. its note is 1715Hz and Cast by Samuel II Smith in 1715.

Please Contact the BRF Secretary if you know a tower which can could have this bell ringing again. 

Current projects 

We have three outstanding Grant Applications where we have currently got grants on offer:

  • Bolsterstone (Sheffield Branch) We have offered a grant of £5,800 towards their project. The project includes Work on bell frame, bell fittings and tuning. They are currently applying for the relevant permissions and finishing fundraising for their large project.
  • Queensbury (Western Branch) We have offered a grant of  £100 grant for works on the tenor bell.

  • Whitkirk (Leeds Branch) We have offered a grant of £1,250 towards the project to make the Ring of three hung for Full Circle Ringing and put on Ball Bearings.

  • Barwick in Elmet (Leeds Branch) A £100 grant has been offered to work to the clappers.



We look forward to helping other churches within the county. Therefore please contact us with any questions regarding your project. 


Relocating Of Bells

Do You Know of a Church that Might be Closing for Worship?

If you know of any bells in Yorkshire that might be in Churches which may be closing for regular Worship, please can you inform the BRF Secretary. This way we can keep up to speed with developments to work with our partners to keep Bells within Yorkshire and make use of them elsewhere.